My Journey from Street Cop to FBI Special Agent
- from Baltimore to Lockerbie, Pakistan and Beyond
by Phillip B.J. Reid
“Dare to Dream and set challenging and aggressive life goals.”


In September 2000, author Phillip B. J. Reid was sitting on a bench facing the Mediterranean Sea in the French Riviera town of Nice. He had flown there during a three-day break in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing trial in Camp Ziest, Netherlands, where he was expected to testify. As he sat on this bench eating lunch, he suddenly found himself overwhelmed by emotion. It was an awakening: He realized that his being there was the fulfillment of one of his many life dreams and goals that were launched thirty-one years earlier from another bench facing the Three Sisters Ponds in Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park.bookcover

Now, from a bench in the French Riviera, he began to chronicle the manifestation of those dreams and goals, accomplished through his thirty-six-year law enforcement career as a Baltimore City policeman and FBI agent. The author is hoping his story catches on with anyone who dares to dream and set challenging and aggressive life goals. He hopes to inspire and encourage more interest in law enforcement careers by sharing his professional experiences and the educational, leadership, and career opportunities that were availed to him during his law enforcement career.

His responsibilities as a Baltimore City policeman included saving lives, catching robbery/murder suspects, recruiting/teaching police, and dealing with crisis situations such as wayward cops, the 1971 student riots at the University of Maryland and the 1974 Baltimore City Police strike and riots.

Good Judgment

Come crying into a world filled with both
promise and despair,
trying to find our way and prosper,
we seek the means to get us there,
but the challenge is knowing what’s proper.
Opportunities come and opportunities go
as we seek life’s comfort stride.
Some we exploit and some we blow.
Good judgment will dictate how well we survive.

by: Phil Reid

As an FBI agent, he was a part of the 1981 Brinks armored truck murder/robbery investigation in Nyack, NY; took part in New York FBI SWAT operations; and was involved in international extraterritorial terrorism investigations such as Pan AM Flight 103 Air Crash Investigation, the attempted bombing of then-Secretary of State George Shultz’s motorcade in La Paz, Bolivia, and the kidnapping and murders of Americans in Kashmir, India, and Karachi, Pakistan.